Waiting Near

by Hank Midnight

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All songs written, recorded and performed by Hank Mittnacht ("Hank Midnight").

Dedicated to Lucy Geist.

Photograph of Oakley Jackson.

All Songs copyright (c) 2013 by Hank Mittnacht.


released April 28, 2013



all rights reserved


Hank Midnight New York

Songwriter / Recording Artist

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Track Name: They Say You Stole The Gin
Fireball, is what they call you, waitin’ to break through,
Please, open!
Fireball, is what you look like, when you cry,
Cry to me, sweet lover,
Don’t you open! Don’t you open!
Come again, and take my hand, and we will roam this land,
And we will roam this land.
You bleached your hair, when you were out there,
California is it’s own kind of place,
California is it’s own kind.
So, let go, breathe your heart to me!
Pour out your heart to me!
Track Name: The Gambler
I am here, to tell my story, of the nights I’ve spent alone,
I have been to old ‘Francisco, I have stumbled in a cold Vermont snow.
Spent some time, in the City of Angels, where the Devil took control,
Of my mind and lost me a good friend, with the truest words that I have ever known.
Morning sun, light my desire, that was once so boldly aflame,
Here I cower from spot-lit stages, and hide in darkness,
Playin’ on in vain.
Won’t you give me, a thousand roses, that have wilted in the wind,
I will lay them down so merrily, six feet under, my story will begin.
Six feet under my story will begin.

Well I don’t know if I can keep my end of the bargain, I’ve gambled all my life,
I think it’s time to put the past behind me, I am ready, to and shine on through the night.
Track Name: Don't Call Me Now
I was driftin’ down Broadway, in the summer rain,
And I was, takin’ it slowly, till the sundown came.
And I got looped in with Forde and them,
And we went down town to meet some friends,
She was a little sundress with a pair of flats,
Well we took it to the roof and we lay on our backs,
She lit up a cigarette and told me a story, about the golden years with all the men she loved before me,
There was Danny and Billy and Bonnie Clyde too, but I don’t really know ‘cause I knocked out around two.
Woke up, she was out of sight but I was alright, ‘cause the night was kickin’,
And the moon was shinin’ bright.
So I took up the moment and I howled to the skies, for my brother Butchy up north in the Maine pines.
And I lit one up, I don’t do it often but man when I do I feel tough.
And I take down the stairs to more or less private affairs,
I said come on let’s rev it up!
Turn up the bass to volume ten!
And belly up the bottle, so we can jump in.
Track Name: Another Kind Of Dream
I saw the witness and she told me what you’d done,
About how you had killed a bird with a sling-shot gun,
After it painted your face white while you were staring at the sun,
You know some say that’s good luck but it’s only got you on the run.

Would you care to see, another kind of dream?
We’re hangin’ by the sea, we’re dancin’ in the rain.
And just above our heads, the night sky is draining,
And just above our heads, a comet’s flaming down.

Oh glorious daydream, what have I fallin’ into?
I’m on the run with an outlaw, a murderer of birds of prey!
She’s got the tenderest touch, you know it makes me feel alright!
And I have a fairly good idea of where I’ll sleep tonight.
Track Name: Come First
Come first, with all your ribbons bound,
I’ll meet you at the turnaround.
Light up, the street is winding down,
Maybe we could throw our weight around.
They said that you would give me bread,
Now our lips are coy in harmony,
Stumble through our boots and naked thighs,
Try and disguise my spyin’ eyes.

Sorry that it all wound up the way it shouldn’t be,
Maybe I came on too strong maybe I was blind to see,
That you were in another place when you lay down next to me,
But I’ll remember you fondly.

I’m tired, of listenin’ on my own,
When I’m with you it’s gold.
But the cards, are comin’ to a fold,
I think it’s time I go alone.
Maybe, I will see you again,
Lady in Coney Island.
Track Name: You Will Never Fall
Oh conscience, open up your mind,
Oh conscience, free up your pride,
Well you will never fall, oh you will never fall,
Oh you will never fall, inside.
Oh conscience, let there be light,
Oh conscience, don’t give up the fight,
For you to never fall, for you to never fall,
For you to never fall, inside.
Call it, hard luck.
Oh conscience, open up your eyes,
Oh conscience, open up your eyes,
You’ve been livin’ inside,
You’ve been livin’ inside,
You’ve been livin’ inside,
My mind, my mind, my mind, my mind…
Track Name: I Want You Back
I took a walk by Kenny’s old arcade,
And couldn’t help but think about the pinball riff we made.
So gone are those lights and plastic wire,
Those nights in fields with our thoughts ‘round debauched fires.

Are you still in deep with the white heat beatin’ ya?
In dank backrooms with suited men and what they’re feedin’ ya?
It’s the, same city but you’re a thousand miles away my friend.
And I miss you, and I miss you.

Well come on now, did you ever think about,
What I was all about?
What I’m still, all about?
I want you back!
Come on back, I said I want you back, home, I want you back!
Track Name: Roses
I, I will be faithful, but you must be too,
When Sparta falls and conflagrated walls,
Burn like timbers, through and through.
I, I will bring roses, if you are then gone,
Now underground and deaf to the sound of my heart as it beats for you.

And if I don’t come home, know this to be true,
That I’ve now passed, and you were the last, thought to take my soul on through.
That I’ve now passed, and you were the last, word to take my soul on through.
That I’ve now passed, and you were the last, love to take my soul on through.
Track Name: Make
“Is there nothing to be saved, since that night we’ve grown apart?”
She said as she rolled on over, silence save a few passing cars.
“I don’t know what I can tell you,” I say as the wind beat down.
“But the moon is full and risin’, and I was kinda hopin you’d stick around.”

And maybe I will play a show, and we can take those royalties,
Just as far as they will go, to a place you couldn’t make believe,
To a place that has no answers, just a light that you can see,
When you’re cold and lost and hungry, and the midnight train is leavin’,
It’s leavin’, you.

I once thought that I could love you, never mind what you had done.
Your jeans were ripped and your mind torn open, like a vase spilled over in the sun.
I never felt the need to glorify, the things we did that felt so right
‘Cause euphemisms never call you back, like you did that lonely night.
Track Name: Alison
I wanna taste your honey,
And take you on home we can groove real slowly,
Just some rag-doll lovin’, a little affection till the rain comes in.
Call me a weak man but I lower my lips slowly,
And my heart goes thumpin’, on the stones below me,
And I can feel the moon rise from the corner of my eyes,
And I heard her name. Then came the rain.

Alison, all your people love you but you don’t want to think about love,
It’s evident by the way you move your body on me.
So turn it in, take one step back and open up your eyes again,
I will hold you till you feel it rise within you.

When the heat is killin’, your mind is unwound, but your love is willin’.
Oh when your heart goes racin’, just take that train to my Q-line station.
Oh let’s let it all go, we’ll lose our equilibriums and take it real slow.
Lord lady is my logic sound? If I were the king, would you come around?
Track Name: I Don't Know Why
I don’t know why I wait around,
For that familiar sound,
Of your heels on my stairs,
When the night is blue,
And your thoughts are,
Crossing through you.